Monday, June 11, 2007
Heading Out

I have four entries saved in draft mode because I had all these thoughts floating around in my head, but never got around to finishing them. My life after school finished was supposed to be nothing but a three week vacation spent on the beach, in the bars, and on the couch, generally vegging out and enjoying life the Spanish way - relaxxxed.

Alas, it was not to be; after just one week (which I have to admit, was quite enjoyable as a week-long weekend, essentially), my family and best bud arrived for a full week and a half with me. I suppose it was a good thing to travel as opposed to laying around all the time, because this did mean that I got to give Madrid a second chance (and subsequently fall in love with it), see the beauty that is Toledo, experience the dumpiest guesthouse ever run by a 60-something year old Japanese hippie man in Barcelona, and really enjoy the awesomeness of Valencia. Travelling with my family a la 'student style' was tricky at points. I'm sure they did not expect to walk so much (I think we covered the circumference of the whole country of Spain in just one week), nor did they expect to run after buses with all of their luggage looking not unlike hamsters on crack. Or just like wacky Asian tourists who are really late for their bus.

I had a good time, I really did.

I had yesterday to myself, and spent it of course, tying up all sorts of loose ends so that I don't return home to complete and utter chaos (chaos, which can be defined as the state of my room right now because I have yet to pack and all the things I'll have with me for the next two months are scattered everywhere.) My friend Ashley is here with me now and she's passed out my bed as I'm saying bye to my bf on Skype. We leave tomorrow morning! I'll get internet access every now and then, but don't expect to hear from me too much - not that you've heard from me very much during the last few months anyway.

I do have insights on this whole international exchange 'experience', I swear. Mostly that it's overrated, but we'll get into that later. So that's it for my life in Spain. It's been good.

Hasta luego.