Friday, January 31, 2003
Exams Are Over And I'm Exhausted, But I'm Free!

I came this close to seeing Chicago last night, but I didn't...again. Who knows how long it will remian on my To See List. Instead, the girls and I had a girls night in and got a free rental of About A Boy. What a lovely movie! All the stars are British or have some sort of accent which is always extra nice, and it's been a while since I've seen character development like this. Hugh Grant goes from a selfish, shallow, lying and plain old awful man to a rather nice one. And the boy who plays Marcus starts out a little bit off, but ends up being incredibly endearing. I wouldn't say it's a romance, although there is some of that in it...I wouldn't say it's a drama because it has quite a bit of humour, but I wouldn't say humour because of all the drama....

My final say on this matter? It's a feel good movie for all. And I liked it tons.