Wednesday, November 28, 2007
No Wonder I Feel So Old

(Not to mention feeling awkward and out of place) when I receive colourful emails like this:

Your Invited...
To My 21st Bday MESS!!!(get PUMPd)
Basically, im turning 21-kind of a BIG deal-and i would love nothing more than for all of you to come out and celebrate it avec moi! So im goin hard this year, and throwin it down SAT. DEC. 1st @ my place around 8ish.....cuz we be gettin i expect all in attendance-ive been practicing my Soulja Boy dance-its RIDIC. And dont be shy, bring whoever you want-im friendly :)
Hope you can all come out!!!!!

Of course, the first thing I noticed was not that I got an invite to what sounds like a fun? rad? party, but the fact that it was written in bright, neon-retina-burning colours in all sorts of fonts and sizes. Then I noticed the spelling, grammatical and general writing errors and extreme colloquial/slang use of the English language all at once and my brain exploded.

I still get all social and I still drink, just not like that. I don't get PUMPd and I can't remember the last time I "went hard" and "threw something down" or is it "threw sumpin dwn"? Getting CRUNKd is no longer my area of expertise (was it ever?) and I have no idea what or who this Soulja Boy character is or why he dances and is famous for it. What is RIDIC though, is the fact that I feel so out of touch with people who are only two years younger than me.

Now where's my books?