Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Hittin' The Road

I have much to tell you, Internet peeps.

Last night I went to a lecture by none other than David Suzuki himself. He was/is my friend's hero, he's Canada's hero, he's the environment's hero. It was a part of his book tour and he is definitely the coolest scientist that I know and we Canadians get to claim him all to ourselves. I love that I have these wonderfully geeky opportunities - me and my giggly girl friends swooned over him all night and we were THIS CLOSE to touching him at one point. Later, one of them asked if it was stupid to be this giddy and excited over David Suzuki. Hell ya! I think this is much more exciting than swooning over someone like Ashton Kutcher or Heath Ledger. A celebrity. How boring. Give me a man with a brain and I'm putty in his hands. Not only is he smart, he's down to earth, funny, extremely buff for a seventy year old man, talks about being horny a lot AND he wants to save the world. Damn.

It's the end of the semester, and I checked my marks to find that I got a solid A in the class that I've been slacking off in all year. I haven't done readings since September, I don't participate in discussions a lot, I wrote the tests with minimal studying, I handed in one assignment a day late, and another assignment three months late (long story). How in the freak did I pull off an A knowing that I've lost at least 10% in late penalties alone? Wow, go brain. This isn't the first time that I've gotten a good mark for doing shit-all, but Academia, if you keep letting me off the hook like this I don't know what's going to become of whatever's left of my work ethic.

I've officially moved and there's lots show and tell about this adventure as I'm still in the throes of unpacking and packing. Le sigh. It never ends.

Tomorrow morning at 7:30am, I depart for Chicago. I have this sweet job where I get to take student groups on overnight trips to neato cities and I landed the Windy City as my destination this time. I come back from Chicago on Sunday night (the 30th) and Monday morning (the 1st) at 8:00am, I depart for Boston until May 5th. So, that's a whole week and a half on the road with a mere eight hour break in between trips. Basically, you won't be hearing from me for a while unless the hotels have free internet and I have free time to spare, unlike last time.

The thing is, my birthday is on that Sunday, May 1st and that just happens to be the day that I board a coach bus with about forty students, a handful of teachers, a driver and truck ourselves twelve hours to Boston. Yay! I get to turn 22 on a bus. Whooo.

In lieu of my festivities (or lack thereof), go wish the Lovely Leah a happy birthday on the 1st as well. I hope she celebrates enough for the two of us.