Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Happy Hoopy Hooghly Hollerween

There's about an hour until my first and only midterm of the semester and all I can do is check email, browse blogs, look out the window at the students walking around campus, sniffle, think about how cold I am (yet refuse to take the time to put on my sweater) and try to figure out ways to get my right eye to stop bothering me. I've gotten three styes in the last month and a half and I hadn't even heard of the damn things before that.

Midterm in less than an hour. No motivation. Not studying. Not worrying. My slackness has officially consumed my soul. Is it really that wrong of me to not care about a 2nd year Distance Ed course because, hello, it's a second year course and I'm a fourth year student who decided to take all of her 4th year seminar classes (which are a crap lot of work!) in one term while working two jobs and trying to keep herself sane. Too bad I'm going a bit crazy anyway.

I considered dressing up as a boy for tonight, but my default costume is Cho Chang, again and again. HP3 was on TV over the weekend and I couldn't help but think to myself that that was the book where we were introduced to the lovely Cho, but the big wig execs decided to cut her out of the movie. I might end up donning the costume and going out to a club somewhere tonight and find myself on a dance floor among many scantily clad girls (honestly, when did the trend of I-can-be-the-sexxxy-version-of-everything-on-Halloween start?). Honestly, I think it'd be nicer to veg out with the old roomie with some Halloween flicks and snackies.

I miss riding my bike, having fresh groceries, going to the gym and having Internet access at my house.

Eat some candy for me tonight.