Friday, July 28, 2006
Life Is Good On The West Syde, Yo

I kind of wish I got my Guest Bloggers to stay as opposed to letting them go so soon after I returned because I realized I haven't really returned at all. I'm still in full out Vay-cay Mode, so I don't know what I was thinking when I said I was going to start posting again. Alas. Thanks for everything y'all - it sure was nice to visit my own blog and have something to read without having to think for it.

My first twenty four hours in BC were fairly uneventful as I spent it either on public transit trying to get 'home' from the airport, or in bed. I slept slept slept for about 17 hours once my head hit the pillow and ruined the plans Annia had for my first day here. Since then, I've gotten readjusted to Western time zones, and have spent my days discovering BC public transit, Surrey, the beaches of White Rock, the markets of Granville Island, downtown VanCity, Chinatown, Gastown, North Van, Stanley Park, yada yada more tourist places, and the famous Richmond Night Market where I relived my experiences in Asia for a few hours. I'm on my own during the days when A's at work; while she's earning a living for herself I just eat the food in the fridge and set off to do whatever it is that I want. Now, that's a life. I've enjoyed Vay-cay Mode by vegging out (see: the day that I spent ten hours in bed after I woke up - no, it wasn't the day when I was still jet-lagged) both in and out of the unbelievably fantastic weather, by jogging through the suburbs and going outdoors without sunscreen. It's been determined that though this city is much like T.O., the sunshine and ocean breeze make all the difference.

And so does the SkyTrain. When I first heard that word, my first thought was: MONORAIL! a la Simpsons musical number (Monoraaiiil, Monoraaaiiiill, MONO-RAIL!!), but this West Coast Canadian version does not have opossum in the closet, nor does it have a Homer in the front car driving the thing through the city. In fact, there's no one driving the thing through the city at all because the SkyTrain is automated. The whole thing. I don't know if that freaks you out, but it does me. Sure, it's cool that everything is timed and that you know exactly when the doors will open and close and it's all la-dee-da on the train, BUT, what if someone evil got behind the main control panel? What if they timed two trains to crash into each other? Or derailed one? Or overrode the locking mechanisms, trapping all the passengers inside and sent all of them zooming through the city while an evil villain plots to use the innocent public transit riders to bait the mayor into giving him ultimate control? Oh my, it's like Speed 3: When SkyTrains Go Wild waiting to happen.

I've also spent some quality time in the produce aisle at the grocery store to ensure that neither of us gets scurvy during the next two weeks, but the fruits and veggies that I bought won't do any good this weekend while we're in NANAIMO! Yes, it is indeed home to the delicious dessert bar. No, I won't save any for you. Because I won't have any room in my stom- er, backpack. Yeah, that's it.

Right now I'm going back to packing up all our worldly possessions because we got kicked out of this house and have to crash at one of A's work friend's place for the night. After Nanaimo, we're moving in with a nice lady and YAY! we won't be homeless. It's a long story, don't ask. All you need to know is that we are one part Victim of Circumstance and two parts Shit Magnet.

Regardless, we're having fun, trust me.