Thursday, October 15, 2009
Post-Fun Fatigue

[That sure does sound a lot nicer than "jet-lag", don't you think?]

Walking to his apartment from the train station, enjoying the fresh breeze (even dirty Parisian air is nice after being stuck in a plane between Coughy and Sneezy), I realized I had never been on holiday during the Autumn before. It's true what they say - Paris is nice in the Fall. There are indeed less tourists, the climate is nicer, the parks are lovely with the trees turning golden orange-red-brown and no, it doesn't really rain that much. Even if it did rain, I was in Paris with a cute boy that I like - of course I had a good time. Heck, I could be anywhere in the world with a cute boy I like and I'd have a ball.

We spent most of our time enjoying each others' company and not doing anything particularly special or holiday-ish so that when I returned to the office I didn't have any answers for, "Oooh, what did you do? Well, what was your favourite thing? And what fancy pastries did you eat?"

We did have a couple nice meals out, we even went to the opera (a surprise from him, and for serious - the MOST magnificent building I have EVER been inside), we went to some fancy schmancy fashion film festival, we even shared a new fancy pastry, and took off to Oslo for a weekend... but really, what I remember and miss the most is how his eyes look like they hold within them a whole other universe and the softness of his cheeks, even when he hasn't shaven for a few days. (Oslo was really super awesome, by the way.)

Going back to work was rough for a few reasons - spending a week and a half snogging with a boy who has a cold is bound to knock down my immune system and travelling while sick is no good, never mind going straight into a work week after engaging in transatlanticism. There's also no cute, sick boy at my office with those eyes and those cheeks. In addition to missing being over the sea, I'm utterly exhausted. Completely wiped out. Totally bagged. I was in bed last night at 8:30pm. And the only reason I'm up 2 hours later tonight? Boy wonder called.

This weekend I'm looking forward to hunkering down in bed and just sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.