Thursday, March 31, 2005
So Soon

I'm tired folks. Just four days after I come back from my first training trip and I am about to embark on another one. We're headed to Ottawa for this one and I'm preparing myself for lots of learning ahead...although I seem to be quite good at skirting around it and not having anyone notice.

I've been running around the past two days in that headless-chicken mode and I feel a bit frazzled as a result. I'm prepping for the summer and I suddenly realized I have so many choices. Last year I was stressed because I had nothing to do until things came up at the last minute, but this year I've discovered that having more options doesn't lower stress levels at all. I'm working on applications (which I despise by the by) and trying to see what jobs would fit me better. With many opportunities comes stress and lots of consideration, but also lots of excitement which I'm glad about.

Keeping me calm on the fast-paced walks/jogs to and from campus is the wonderful Benjamin Gibbard, front man for both The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie. I'm back on my indie music kick and I miss Cliff a lot now (J's best friend from back home) because he always introduced me to new stuff. The sweetest thing was when he burned me a couple CDs for the long bus trips when J and I went to the States in the fall. He's a sweet guy and I miss him a fair bit. I suppose he might not know that, but here it is. It sucks that when you break up with someone you kind of have to break up with all their friends too.