Saturday, December 27, 2008
Trypped Up

Yours truly has officially made her own, full holiday dinner - complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes (of the regular and sweet variety), baked veggies, and stuffed peppers and cannelloni to boot. It was a meal fit for at least ten, but only six were seated at the table. Results? A fabulous meal, a girl who is a little less afraid of washing a turkey inside and out, and lots of leftovers.

My gift to myself this year is this mantra: Eat Positively, Think Healthily. So, I went and purchased myself a membership to the local hot yoga studio with the hopes that I will help my body better itself. I want to be stronger, more capable; I want to feel more able in general, physically and mentally. Also, nothing feels better to me than a good sweat and my goodness, doing 90 minutes of yoga in a 40-something degree room is definitely the way of going about sweating out those toxins. I'm going to a class per day for the next week as an intro, and after just two of them, I can definitely feel the changes. The big one being that I'm aching all over.

So between eating turkey for three days straight and doing yoga that makes my muscles feel like screaming into oblivion (omg, will I ever walk again?!), I can't tell if it's the tryptophan or the exercise or the 3:30am nights that's making me feel like sleeping in until at least noon and then taking a nap at 6pm. Either way, I could live like this for a while.