Sunday, November 30, 2003
A Bit Chilly But Still Beautiful

Goshdarnit, I've had an awesome weekend.

Friday: My night was spent at The Sliver Spur, the local hick bar, where I tried Keith's for the first time and karaoke'd my guts out. My cowboy shirt and a pair of boots made me feel like I fit in, even though I don't have a mullet.

Saturday: I did laundry for the first time in weeks because I was wearing my last pair of socks (which had a hole in them). Went out with Ange to rent Chocolat, buy some dinner at Mickey D's, and grab some movie snacks at Sobey's. When we came back home, we watched two episodes of The Simpson's Christmas specials before popping in Chocolat. To match the indulgent nature of the film, we gorged ourselves on food the entire time. I had my McHappy Meal, a whole bag of popcorn, and many handfuls of Doritos. When we finished at 10:30pm, we both admitted to feeling quite sick. The movie was quite sweet, Juliette Binoche is beautiful and Johnny Depp was a pleasant surprise.

Saturday night/Sunday morning: Watched 3 episodes of Saved by the Bell and all of the sudden wanted to buy the DVD set again. By the time we were finished it was already quite late/early but we decided to go outside and play in the freshly fallen snow to top off the fun. And what fun it was. I made the cutest snow angel ever, got into a few snowball fights, tackled people into the snow rugby-style and got really cold and really wet.

Right now: It's a beautiful day outside, I had a grand breakfast at the dining hall merely 1.5 hours ago, and now I'm off to the costume shop to find a medieval costume for dinner tomorrow night. Lovely!