Saturday, September 29, 2007
Called Back

After my horrifyingly embarrassing audition for musical theater on Thursday evening, I walked out of the room and directly proceeded to laugh at myself with an old acquaintance from high school (who actually had the lead role in last year's musical production). She was amazingly reassuring and supportive, telling me that she may even see me on Sunday.

"What's Sunday?" I asked.
"Call backs," she responded.
"Oh! Well, in that case, I probably won't be seeing you on Sunday! Har har har..."

Well. I just got an email telling me that I got called back for another round of auditions. I guess during the hours they spent reviewing the videos they saw some spark of ...something in me? That maybe, perhaps if they spent enough time and patience with me, that I could at least be taught to dance? Or move somewhat rhythmically? At least they want to see me try again. I'm being considered for a role that nine other girls are being considered for too, so if I want into this musical, I've really got to crack down and get my act on. I can always fall back on a part in the chorus though. This is, of course, if my voice comes back to me in time. Call backs are tomorrow evening, and right now I sound like a raspy frog on its deathbed. Musical theater, here I come?

Sometimes I can't believe my sheer luck. Or is it that I can't believe my own talent?