Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Casse Noisette

My Christmas presents from Jason turned out to be wonderful. I now have a new soft and plushy bathrobe to wear out of the shower or whenever I'm feeling a bit chilly (like right now for example). It's a bit big on me though...I figure if my old bathrobe and this new one were to have a child, the child bathrobe would be a perfect fit (I've had my old one since I was 10. It used to be ankle-length, but now it goes up past my knees. It used to be a full length sleeve, but now it's a 3/4 length sleeve. The regular waist is now an empire waistline).

Last night we went to see The Nutcracker performed by the National Ballet of Canada. If only you could be inside my memory banks and see the wonder that was this ballet. One word: Spectacular. Another word: Lovely! Let's try another: Stunning.

It was the most elaborate and lavish set I had ever seen. From beds that moved around the stage to a Christmas tree the size of the theater to the biggest golden dream of a Faberge egg in the world. Costumes were beautiful and the music...well, it was The Nutcracker for goodness sake! The dancing was both entertaining and elegant. From bears on ice skates and a prancing horse that looked SO real to graceful Snow Maidens and the enchanting Sugar Plum Fairy. In an ideal world, if I were to be in this ballet, I would be the Sugar Plum Fairy...but otherwise, I would like to be a Snow Maiden or an Icicle or a Flower. They had lovely dresses.

I really wish I had not forgotten my camera at home, as there were so many reasons to use it last night. Jason looked so very distinguished in his suit and I in my new dress (it was a bit too scandalous for the ballet though, I thought. And I'm sure the elderly woman who gave me the up and down thought so too). During intermission we saw the little girls who played the flock of sheep in the show and they were absolutely adorable in their fluffy pink and white dresses and the cute little black sheep too. Crowds gathered around them and flashes went off everywhere from every camera but ours (because they weren't there). Most disappointing was the fact that I missed my chance to get a photo of a pair of shorts that said "Sexy Rexy" on the bum, referring to Rex Harrington who apparently is a principal dancer, but was not in the show that we saw. Actually, I had never heard of him before last night, I just figured it would be funny if I started to wear Sexy Rexy shorts around residence and told everyone that I was in love with a ballet dancer from Peterborough (everyone would think I'm a bigger loser than they already do, ha ha).

The evening was wonderful, topped off by a yummy dinner at Rasoee, (I have been sorely missing Indian food), and then watching my favourite Christmas movie, The Nutcracker Prince.