Monday, November 17, 2008
Some Things Never Change

I'm harried. As usual. I've got a little suitcase packed for a week in the Eastern United States, a pile of clothes for the beach sitting on my bed (waiting for the suitcase to empty out), three TO DO lists (two physical and one mental), and planning for New York City on my mind.

A few months ago I considered living life as a job-less non-student living at home in the suburbs and I admit that I was less than thrilled with the idea. Though I don't mind, and sometimes prefer, to stay in the house and veg out with my family, days upon weeks of that seemed butt- and mind-numbing. But here we are today, two days after my contract with the university has ended and I'm all packed up getting ready to leave for a tour to Philly and DC with a French junior high school for the next five days.

And then I think back to this morning at 5:15am when I called my best friend and dragged my groggy self to the computer and engaged in a bidding war that lasted until 8:59:45am. $156 and seven blood pressure points later, we sat back and said, "I can't believe we won. I can't. BELIEVE. we WON." Our victorious story may be someone else's crappy Monday morning, but to hell with that; WE'RE GOING TO CANCUN!

Of course, this being my life, I leave in an hour for Ottawa-Philly-DC and come back home next Saturday evening. Then I have about 12 hours (if I'm lucky) to pack up and do my TODOB4CANCUN list before I leave in what I'm sure will be a frenetic frenzy only to find myself lying on the beach with a book and pina colada a few hours later. And then I have to go from sunny Mexico to chilly New York, because within 12 hours of returning from Cancun, I'm off on a tour to NYC for a week.

I never imagined that this chaotic nomadic-ness would be my life, but if this is what being a job-less non-student is like, then I'm perfectly fine with that.