Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Holiday Wrap Up

God, I'm depressing. Sorry about that last one folks. I hate it when I'm Grouchy McCrabster as much as the next person, but boy, is she ever hard to get rid of - especially when I love to ham it up on the good ol' bloggy because I can't be nearly this depressing in real life. I'll try to get started on calming her down soon, I promise. After all, that's what the counselling is for! Har har....

In lieu of happy stories which I have been fortunate enough to experience this past week, here are lists of:

Nine Weird Chocolate Shaped Things I Got In My Advent Calendar
- heart
- boot
- horseshoe
- half-moon
- squirrel
- egg
- duck
- elephant
- mushrooms

Sure, maybe some of those things can indirectly be related to Christmas, but an elephant? Mushrooms?! Merry Christmas, have some holiday shrooms! That's what I get for buying 97 cent advent calendars from the Bargain shop. Next year, I'm going for the $10 specialty chocolate ones. Not only are these ones weird looking, they also have a weird after-taste, and a weird during-taste.

Eight Odd Items My Family Bought On Boxing Day
- coin rollers
- blank notebook
- portable reading lamp
- super glue
- toilet brush
- face cleanser
- make-up pencil sharpener
- lottery ticket

I admit, the coin rollers and pencil sharpener were mine. We even tried to do a proper Boxing Day shopping today - we got up early, didn't eat breakfast and arrived at the mall at 9am. We left nearly empty-handed (except for the $18 wireless router my brother bought despite the fact that the only computers in the house are desktops (he plans on returning it tomorrow)) and after brunch, a visit to my grandmother, we proceeded to buy nothing at another electronics store and finally ended up in a dollar store. Happy Boxing Day to all!

Seven Things I'm Looking Forward To When I Return To The Loo
- giving a belated Secret Santa gift
- getting a belated Secret Santa gift
- going cushion shopping
- having another fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant
- watching The Motorcycle Diaries (for the zillionth time)
- cuddling and snuggling
- making guacamole and eating it

Finally, here is a photo of me at my best, just as a reminder of something to strive for again:

Sunset at the beach on Cape Breton Island, August 2007