Saturday, November 27, 2010
The Beginning of The End

November 15

I had a very sudden, clear, and important realization tonight as I walked away from work. I had just finished my first day back. I'd also stayed late and was now walking to the bank so I could get money to buy a transit pass so I could get home. I was exhausted. As I looked at the street scene before me - bright lights of store windows, traffic, holiday decor, pedestrians - I couldn't tell if this was better than being in the office. After all, I'd been itching; my body was confused as to why it was indoors all day long. So now I was outdoors. Was this what I wanted?

And that's when it hit me: it wasn't Outdoors vs. Indoors at all. What I needed was to be with my 16-member family again. We could have been in my office, could have been standing on a street corner - it made little to no difference where we were. The difference would simply be that we were together again. That's what I wanted.