Thursday, October 30, 2008

"This is a bubble bath inside of an e-mail. Seriously. Yeah! I'm just about to take a bubble bath, and I thought of you, and I wanted to tell you to close your eyes and imagine the loveliness, the true sheer unadulterated happy-relaxingness of a bubble bath. Whether you're at work, at home, wherever you are... know that one day you too will enter a warm, frothy, cozy place of nothing but your own slippery body and some soapy fun."

This email comes from the same person who, two years ago, told me to close my eyes, handed me a sharpie, and then led me to his kitchen table where two pumpkins sat on a bed of newspapers awaiting our creativity to be carved into them. Want a girl to swoon? Surprise her with pumpkin carving. And then make salmon and fries. Do laundry. Watch The Incredibles and eat zucchini bread. Take a bubble bath. Fold laundry.

To this day, I still remember it as one of our best nights ever, and probably the best Halloween-related activity I've done in a long while. Despite the fact that we broke up over a year ago, we still turn to mush when we reminisce.

"Thank you. How is it that you always know how to make me smile?"

"I have never wanted to make anyone smile more than I have always wanted to make you smile ever since the moment I met you."

Wow, huh?