Thursday, September 28, 2006
Dear Internets, I Love You

Within hours of making that last post about the run, I reached 38% of my goal to raise $150. It was awesome to check up that night and I actually Yipee!-ed for joy. Donations hit a wall within twelve hours or so (I can't believe I worried that much after half a day), so I sent a little email love to some family, some friends, some acquaintances, some of everyone. Not even four hours later and there it is! $150! FOUR HOURS. Not even.

You amaze me, internet peeps. Amaze me.

So it looks like I (with your generous, generous help) have raised that $150 before the run - we didn't even need four days! Amaaaaze. However, this doesn't mean that donations need to stop - keep them coming!

Phew. I'm running 5k on Sunday despite the fact that I skipped going to the gym for about two weeks, despite the fact that I've run so hard in the last two days that my muscles and ankles are sore, despite the fact that my lungs seize up in the cold, despite the fact that I'm not really a runner at all. And now that you've helped me reach that goal, I REALLY have to run that 5k without stopping, don't I?



- 12:39am:
Another $100. Now we've hit $250. $250. Amaze amaze amaze.

- 8:30am:
$310! Ahh!