Saturday, October 27, 2007
Something I Am Not Looking Forward To

I'm in a computer lab on campus and there are an awful lot of people creating an awful lot of din. I generally prefer to work in quiet settings, but seeing as I have little choice when it comes to computer access (see: my precious lappy which is still sitting on my desk, near death, after almost a month), I'm here. I've been trying harder and harder to keep my concentration and block out the noise, but try as I might, what I can't stop listening to is the conversation going on behind me. They're both students; the girl sounds young and the guy is from Australia (with an absolutely adorable accent). They're chatting about his time here at the university so far, in the city and country. She's thinking that she wants to do an exchange to Australia. He's been to more bars in the area than she has and he's only been living here for two months. He's showing her photos and telling stories from back home and she's asking lots of questions. It's a nice conversation I suppose, but something about it makes me want stuff cotton so far into my ears that it soaks up my brain juice and then lop the ears off altogether. It's AWKWARD. And it makes me feel awkward just listening to them banter back and forth. I can hardly explain it, but I'm sure you know what I mean. She giggles a lot and says, "Wow..." in that breathy way and they're... flirting - or something like that. You know what first date conversation sounds like? This is that. But more awkward. And it's so awkward that I want to stand up and yell at them to STOP BEING SO AWKWARD!

Alright, maybe I'm a horrible person. But maybe (and this is far more plausible) this conversation that sounds so much like First Date Conversation is a First Date Conversation and it reminds me that people are interested in other people when they're single and go on dates when they're single and MY GOD I'm single so does that mean I should be interested in people and going on dates soon? Because, honestly? I'm not and I don't want to. Sure, I crush super easily (see: kayak boy from the first session that I haven't spoken to since, random man with a cane I passed on campus two weeks ago), but I never really get interested in men. Rather, boys, in the case of the selection I have around here. It takes a lot for me to have genuine romantic interest in a person and I guess my busy schedule doesn't really leave a lot of time for me to pursue such things. Which is great, because the idea of dating petrifies me right now. I'm not scared of it per se, I'm just really not looking forward to finding a new boyfriend. At any rate, until I meet someone supa-fly and go on a date with them, I'm sooo not looking forward to the whole thing. Unless they are a superb conversationalist who can avoid awkward First Date Conversation and have a cute Australian accent.