Wednesday, June 23, 2004
An Hour Of Internet For 60 Cents

I could have paid 30. Really, there's a place down the street with DSL for 30 freaking cents an hour! This one is more convenient as it's across the street from our hotel.

In Nha Trang right now. Went coral reef diving today, swallowed some of the Pacific, went boating, then had a mineral mud bath, some hot tub time, and a hot mineral water jet spray massage. All this added to my list of things done:

-20 hours on a plane
-moped riding
-parasailing! (again tomorrow)
-boating (but faster the first time)
-seeing a transsexual show
-Thai massage
...and lots more, but internet time is running out (it's so slow over here!).

Having an awesome time, hope you are too.