Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Will Someone Water My Plant Please?

Still in Hali-freakin'-fax. Everything is still freakin' awesome.

I forgot my toothbrush, Jason forgot his towel. We share. It's all good.

It's incredibly noisy here in the mornings with the motorcycle gangs and construction workers and all. The peole here are incredibly nice to make up for it though. In less than 2 hours, we were made honorary members of the Province of Nova Scotia and the Halifax Regional Municipality. Well, not really, people gave us pins because we're tourists.

We were invited into a run-down shop on our way back to the hostel where we're staying yesterday afternoon. It was dark and damp and dirty. It made me nervous. And for a little while, I was honestly afraid that he (the owner who invited us in) was going to kill us. Or at least, lock the doors and rob and beat us. To make things worse, he then said, "Hang on, I got a gift for you." As long as it's not a bullet I'll take it, I thought. My fears were calmed when he handed us two Nova Scotia pins, a map, and a brochure filled with coupons. My big city skepticism is unwanted here.

Even though this is the province's capital and Halifax is considered to be the 'big city' around here, it definitely has this 'small town' feel to it. Sitting outside a cafe yesterday evening, I saw random passers-by wave to each other more frequently than I see it on Markham Main Street.

Whale watching yesterday: no whales, some seals, lots of bouys.
Off to Kentville eventually.