Friday, February 25, 2011
Up In The Air

It's 7:26pm and I'm late. It's all I can think. I should have left a half hour earlier, I shouldn't have had dinner with Amber, I should have checked in when I had that free time, I shouldn't have over-estimated myself. So now I'm texting while driving to the airport, trying to get my boss to check me into my flight because I don't know how to use the internet on my Blackberry*. True story.

I'm not panicing, but I'm vexed. I'm not panicing because I know that if I do end up missing the flight, I'll get another one. And if I have to stay the night I have a loving friend who can take me in and heck - I'd drive back there right now if I could instead of flying home only to work more anyhow. I'm vexed because I had a long two days and I was mildly rejected by a boy I thought I liked. I admitted to myself that what I really wanted to do was call the boy, because I didn't get to see him before I left and maybe he'd wine me and dine me and WINE ME again and then he'd comfort me and cuddle me and make me feel better after a long day.

But then I thought, NO. That's NOT what I want to do. And it's not what I NEED to do. And no, it's not because I'm bitter that he mildly rejected me, it's because at the end of a long, tiring day, I shouldn't need a boy to make me feel better. I should know how to make myself feel better and handle my own stresses and vexed-ness and NOT rely on a man because man is not woman's best friend. Wine is.

It was a really self affirming thought and I'm glad I had it because it calmed me down even though I was still late for my flight.

After BBM'ing with my boss (still while driving) I accepted the fact that I was going to miss it. Check-in closes a half hour beforehand and it was now 7:34pm; I was still many minutes away from the airport and I had to return the rental car. Ah well. Shit happens. The universe will decide what's meant to happen and it looks like I was meant to miss my flight.

I manage to enjoy the rest of my drive, I take my time organizing my bags and with a tired chuckle, tell the men at the rental car place about my bad day. I drag my feet, my bags, and my ass to the check-in counter.

Without thinking about it, I head for the self check-in machine not remembering that I should be telling the people at the counter that I need a new flight. And then I realized that I'm actually checking-in, that this machine is allowing me to check-in for a flight that should have already boarded and should be taking off in 5 minutes. My eyes scan the screen - Flight DELAYED.

I can hardly contain my giggles and my story telling and suddenly I'm telling everyone around me that I thought I missed my flight I already had a bad day ohmygoodness it's actually delayed here I am checking in I've even got 20 minutes to spare before boarding isn't the universe just GREAT?

Knowing that the Universe takes care of me was also a really life affirming thought. I chuckled all the way to my gate.

*Not MY Blackberry but my WORK Blackberry. I would never own a Blackberry.