Sunday, May 30, 2004
Back To Work, Back To Work, Then A Vacation!

I woke up Friday morning exclaiming excitedly to Jason, "It's Friday! I've been waiting all week for today!!" And then I promptly fell asleep again.

Jason and I had a classic date last night, dinner and a movie. Shrek 2 was a bit more lukewarm than I thought, it wasn't as funny which was a bit disappointing, but a good movie nonetheless. Mushy though. Advance tickets for Harry Potter 3? Purchased! I'll be there next week with a cape and chopstick wand. Too bad I don't have my books here with me, I can't do my usual pre-movie review.

I live for the weekends now, and with only one more week of work left, I've never wanted the weekend to come faster. My last day is Friday and then I head home only to leave again in 5 days. This time, I'm leaving the damn country. That's right, I've had it with cold cold Canada, even in May! I'm moving to Fiji where it's pretty and hot all the time.

I kid, I kid. Rather, I wish, I wish.

My family and I are going on our first vacation in years. On June 11th, we board a plane for Bangkok, Thailand where we'll spend a week. The next week we may be in Malaysia and the weeks after, we'll be in Vietnam, visiting relatives that I've never met and seeing the country that my family grew up in. Suffice to say, I'm excited. My only dilemma right now is figuring out whether to buy a new film camera or lots of memory sticks for my digital. I think I may purchase a new camera while in Bangkok, I hear the shopping is great. I'm trying to figure out what would be more sensible, memory sticks and print outs (I have a photo printer) or lots of film and developing. Suggestions anyone?

I just saw William Hung on TV singing at the SkyDome, and then at a press conference telling us that he's working on a new CD, a DVD and a MOVIE. A MOVIE on William Hung. Along with WB's Superstar USA, I think the world/entertainment industry has gone stupid on us.