Friday, May 30, 2008
Weekly Update

Just got back from yet another trip - my seventh one this season, three more to go! - and I could not be more excited to have a week off. In fact, I have a week and a half (ten full days!) and I plan to use them for purposes of fun and vegging like never before. I was in Niagara Falls last week and the cold weather there totally kicked my immune system in the balls and I succumbed to sickness this week worse than I have since I started touring. So when I got home a mere three hours ago, I wanted nothing more than to eat a big bowl of pho (check), make plans to go shoe shopping (check), shower (check), put soothing ointment on a giant mosquito bite I got yesterday (check), get into my jammies (check), and curl up under my covers and watch Sex & the City until I fall asleep.

Tomorrow: I have plans to sleep in, get a massage and a facial. Then I get to drive on the highway to pick up my brother from the airport - he's home after six weeks in Cali on his own!

The rest of the week is looking good.
Sunday: Dim Sum, Shoe shopping
Monday: Go running, Holy Fuck & M.I.A. concert
Tuesday: Go running
Wednesday: Go running, TSO Soundcheck Cello concert
Thursday: Go running
Friday: Go running, Dim Sum, Convocation
Saturday: Go running, Death Cab for Cutie & Stars concert
Sunday: Go running
Monday: Go running, OBGYN appointment to ensure I still don't have cancerous cells

I plan to use the crap out of my new shoes. I've been craving new runners for months now and I need to burn off the junk I eat on tour so, so badly. Also in the plans for this upcoming week: detox.

Best compliment I received this week: "You are the nicest Oriental girl I've ever met." From the driver of Bus 2. Honourable mention: "You've got a really funky haircut!" From a (male) teacher on Bus 2.