Friday, October 31, 2003
This Campus Has The Reddest Tree I've Ever Seen

We've been having extremely nice weather the past few days, and these mild temperatures can only mean one thing: time to dress up for Halloween with out having your coat hide your costume! (Didn't you hate that as a kid? I did.)

My plans to be a giant corn on the cob fell through but I came up with something better. Jill and I decided to show our Harry Potter fan-ness and dressed up as Hogwarts students. She, Hermione, and I, Cho Chang. I've dressed up as Harry twice now and today was a nice change, although people still confused me for him. I was wearing a skirt and knee high socks for heaven's sake. Is it the fashion for boys to wear skirts and knee high socks nowadays or something?

Person: Hey! I like your costume!
Me: Yeah? Thanks! Do you know who I am?
Person:...Uh, (looks at my cape)...a vampire?
Me: Noooo (points to Hogwarts badge)....
Person: Harry Potter?
Me: Well, not really. I'm Cho.
Person: Who's Cho?
Another person: Cool, I like your cape.
Me: Thanks. Guess who I am.
AP: Uhm, someone from the Addams Family?
Me: Nooo, I'm Cho! Cho Chang! (waves chopstick wand) From Harry Potter!
AP: Oh. I don't know Harry Potter.
And Another One: Hey! Are you Hermione?
Me: Well, not really. I'm Cho.
AAO: Ohhhh.....yeah.
One More: Hey, since when did Chinese school girls start wearing capes?
Me: *blinks* Sigh....

So no one could really tell, but I was happy with it. So Jill and I were Hermione and Cho, and to spice things up a bit, we asked our calc prof (who is also a big HP fan) to dress up as Harry for the day. There we were, sitting in class waiting for Harry to arrive.

In walks our prof.
In a bathrobe.
And a scarf.

Jill: Riley, I thought you were dressing up as Harry!
Him: I did! I am! (pushes back his bangs, revealing a diagonal line on his forehead)
Me: Is that your wife's lipstick?
Him: Did you note the glasses? (points to masking tape) And the wand? (whips something out of his bathrobe pocket)
Me: It's a paintbrush!
Him: SO?! What's yours?
Me and Jill: A chopstick!

Our chopstick wands rocked. We both decided that they would come in handy during out economics midterm today. "Presto answers!"