Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Birthday on Thursday

So that's it, I'm turning twenty-four and there's no stopping it. I wish, however, that there is some way of stopping the trip to Boston that I'll be on as of 7:30am tomorrow morn.... Lucky for me though, I'm feeling pretty twenty-four. Nothing says Welcome to Your Mid-Twenties! like a cold and an eye infection. Green goop coming out of my nose AND my eye! Am I going to be the most popular kid on the bus tomorrow, or what? Silver lining: Unlike two years ago, when I spent my actual birthDAY on the coach driving through New York state for eleven hours, this year my birthday will include exciting activities like a Duck Tour, a band performance, Harvard Art Museums and Harvard Square, and lining up at the Boston Conservatory for tickets to a percussion show. Happy 2-4 to me indeed.

My lovely Annia took me out for an early birthday present before I left for my tours and it was one of the best birthday presents ever. She's either caught onto my penchant for The Gifts of Time and Experiences or she's a smart gal who likes the same things (I have no doubt that she is both). We went for a nice, classy dinner (think ...neo-Indian with a funky twist? and wine!) and then to the Symphony for their New Creations Festival! It was a smashing evening, I must say. As I was sitting in Roy Thompson Hall listening to Turangalila, I thought to myself, "I've enjoyed every minute of tonight and will continue to do so because I fully appreciate her thinking of me and treating me to something like this..." Slightly condensed and re-worded and total cheezo-beezo, I know, but it's true.

My birthday present to myself this year? One of only two things I really wanted: A haircut (the other being a man). I've had three haircuts in the last eight years - December 1999, May 2003, March 2006. I grow it long, cut it short, lather rinse repeat. I can't remember the last time I had style. So, in the spirit of Something Dramatic and Different, I lopped off 12 inches for donation again (for the last time in what is to be a long while), put on my Daring Pants, and got ready for an exciting, bold change. The results? An asymmetrical cut. Admittedly, I didn't know what that was when the stylist asked if I would like one. "Sure!" I said. *pause* "What is that?" I was pretty much sold when she said "asymmetrical". Heck, she could have said "bob" and I would have gone for it. I trusted her and what I got in the end was much, much more than just a bob.

From a few different angles to show off the asymmetrical-ness (and complete sasstastic-ness) of it all:

That shade of hooker-red lipstick? Isn't a daily thing, I swear.
The shine on my face? From the hair spritz the stylist used because she didn't bother to cover my face before she sprayed it everywhere.
The pout? I think I'm trying to look as chic as my new do.
And PS: I'm still wearing clothes; it's just a tube top.

The cut is awesome because I feel like I stepped out of a magazine and it's so different than anything I've ever had (except the time my dad cut my hair when I was seven and, though it didn't look this good, it was definitely asymmetrical). This'll be great for when I go out dancing and get all dressed up and fancy, so I'm excited about that. I'm also feeling fancy because look who came up when I Googled "asymmetrical haircut" when I got home, none other than Rihanna herself. I haven't had a celebrity hairdo since The Rachel was big back in the 90s.

I've got my hesitations though... this asymmetry is a bit on the trendy side and way too cool for my lifestyle. I wake up in the mornings, give my hair a quick brush-through and I'm out the door. I'm ultra-low maintenance and don't own a hairdryer. I work on the road with bus loads of kids and wear oogly, loose, baggy uniform shirts with a dorky backpack and a BlackBerry on a bright orange lanyard around my neck most of the time. I have little to no doubt that this uber-stylish look will fall into utter disarray quite quickly. I give it about a month. So, before it grows out and I have to tie it back into a short nubbin pony-tail, someone take me out on the town so I can show off, mmmkay?