Saturday, January 28, 2006
Hottt Girls And Stupid Boys

I've officially had a full-out lesbian moment*. Last night I went to a fantastic talent show and saw a girl dance (belly and cuban salsa) and I was hit with a mix of two thoughts. It was either:

Goddamn, I want to BE her!


Goddamn, I want her!

She was hot. No, she was HOTTT. The capitals and three T's are totally well deserved. Doing her wouldn't be 'sex', it would be SEXXX. Yes, rated R and everything. I need to stop eating chocolate and get some professional training on how to be sexy. Wait, SEXXXY. She's officially the hotttest person I've seen in real life...she's like the Asian version of Britney Spears, but better. Much, much better. And that says a lot because yeah, I'll admit that I think Britney is way hot. The roomie and a friend (a girl too) all agreed - this dancer girl with the tight white pants who did the splits TWICE turned us all on more than we ever thought we'd be turned on by a female and we all wanted to BE her by the end of her segment. Man, her face, the expression...she looked like she was having sex the entire time she was on stage. If dancing turns you on that much, I need to sign up for lessons RIGHT. NOW. Apparently, she teaches salsa here on campus every Saturday. My plan is to find some time between campus tours, rehearsal and school and take some lessons on how to be HOTTT.

Side notes:

- It's gorgeous weather outside and I'm in a fantastic mood!

- However. I'm stuck on campus doing work and then I'm trapped in a room for hours rehearsing my play.

- Boys suck. They stink. They're stupid and awful and immature and jerks who deserve to have pointy rocks thrown at them. Except for Leah's Simon. He's nice.

- You have to learn how to say no. So many years later and I'm still learning. You're too nice. Mm. On second thought, don't change. AW. I think my heart just melted.

*I wanted to make that as non-offensive as possible, but I wasn't sure how else to say it.