Tuesday, May 31, 2005
I've Got Nothing

I need to write things down - if I don't remember, who will? What's frustrating is that I just had an amazing string of thoughts go through my head and I wanted to capture it all but I started a conversation with someone that ended up going not where I wanted it to go and I forgot most of it (the string of thoughts, not the conversation). Here's a random collection of what I managed to salvage - which isn't very much:

Recently I've come to a pseudo-conclusion that blogging is all about reaching out to people and using that as a microcosm for life, I'm starting to believe that the secret to life lies in sharing your experiences with others. You know that I know what it's like to share everything you've got with one special person to suddenly not being able to do so anymore. So when something exciting, trivial, unbelievable, or mundane happens now, I have to get used to not telling The One, but just Someone. Someone important, someone I trust, someone I know. My blog is the nebulous 'Someone' in my life. I feel better, lighter, after I write something here. So when Blogger goes down for a few hours - or god forbid, a day - it drives me close to insane. But methinks I need to learn to curb that addiction, that I need to learn how to keep things to myself. Or do I?

Not thinking about anything bad is good - difficult to do, but good. We try our best and we have our moments. Let yourself feel them real good and deep right now and hopefully they won't come back. And as for logic - ha. The heart knows no logic. That's why I'm glad I've still got my brain.

I let memories play too large a role in my life. Can you tell? So let's focus on the present and near future (but not in that order):

I'm going to California. I'm going to Quebec City (again and again). I'm going camping. I'm going to Ottawa (one last time). I'm going to sleep.