Thursday, February 28, 2008
Things That Make My Life Shiny

Basically, any card from the Flirting and Cry For Help categories are both pricelessly hilarious and fairly accurate descriptions of my current state of being.

The GIANT shareable music drive at work that I just discovered today. I now know what I'm doing from now on until the end of my contract.

People who know about Ulrich Schnauss and his German electronica goodness.

Super long emails from my best bud.

When my co-worker and I both show up to work with an assortment of snacks and goodies to get us through the day (ie: cinnamon buns, goldfish crackers, bagels, tangerines, tea).

Unexpected funny, short emails reminding me that my grogginess and smeary eye make-up this morning (again!) is totally worth it.

Update! Shinier still!

A personal invite by fellow colleagues and supervisors to a special gala dinner for female leaders on campus. Wicked cool. Too bad I'll be in Toronto at a concert. Poo.

At a cafe with a friend this afternoon, running into an ex-boy named David who proceeded to sit on the bench next to me when there were plenty of other empty tables, and who told me upon my departure to give him a call sometime if I ever felt like getting a coffee or something. Because he doesn't sleep much anymore (not that he ever did) and it'd be cool if I wanted to do something. Or something. Riiiight. Is it bad that I'm vaguely considering it though?