Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yesterday marked the official halfway point of my French adventure - I can't tell if the days are passing by quickly or slowly... The good thing is that I'm definitely keeping busy here - when I'm not in class I'm either at a workshop or activity or movie night, or improv show, or party, or just somewhere doing something with someone. When I'm at home I'm having a meal with my Chicouti-family, or doing homework or concentrating very hard at understanding what's going on on the TV. Spent my last two weekends travelling around, doing awesome outdoorsy stuff. Spent Tuesday at a cottage on the tiniest, most perfect lake owned by the university.

Just wrote my very first examen. Am currently crapping my pants at the thought of my upcoming oral exam IN FRONT OF THE CLASS. And I've been totally getting lazy with my French - eep!

Funny Anglo moment of the weekend: When I said, Je suis salé as opposed to Je suis sal. I wanted to say that I was dirty (after a long hike), but instead said that I was salty.