Thursday, April 23, 2009
Waiting In 4/4 Time

So, Mr. Office Crush...

There's nothing like a good long-term-relationship break up to get someone to realize that you're going to be their rebound. And they wouldn't want to be the selfish douchebag who gives into it even though the flirting was so fun, and playful and harmless. Admittedly, I will miss the illicit after-work conversations and secret texting during-work conversations, but as much fun as it was to imagine hooking up with him, the last thing I need is to be on someone else's list of Cool Girls Who Were Fun For A Bit, But Ultimately Not What I'm Going For, Don't Hate Me, You Don't Hate Me Right? Barf. I've lived that scenario one too many times for my liking and no - there's absolutely no bitter eye-rolling going on over here.

Mr. Office Crush? Done.

Next, please.