Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's almost 1:00am. I have yet to start a biz-nass assignment that I need to email to my fellow group members by 8:00am and yet I just spent the day doing the following:

Sleeping in. Straightening my hair (thanks Ash).
Lounging around.
Eating Crispix.
Loving the fantastic weather.
Messing up a Sudoku. Putting my feet up.
Sipping a Green Tea Chiller.
Lounging around.
Feeling fabulous.
Depositing cheques. Receiving compliments.
Making tuna salad. Eating tuna salad.
Talking to the roomie. Eating chocolate.
More lounging.
Checking email, blogs, etc.


That's right! I did it! After bidding on and losing ELEVEN items, I finally snagged this baby in all it's digital-ceramic-hair-straightening-at-200-degrees glory. That'll burn your fingerprints right off if you're not careful. (Note to self: Be careful.)

So I'm officially $40 USD poorer now, but it's much better than sitting here refreshing eBay pages over and over. Wahoo! I'm going to have really straight hair!

Oh, and it's totally going to be 12 degrees tomorrow - off come the opression of socks and closed-toed shoes! Finally - good riddance to winter!

*6:15am - I'm still awake. No sleeping allowed. The sun is up. Almost. Done. Biz. Nass.

**7:10am - Success! Done done done. Sun sun sun is up and out. One roommate's alarm has been going off for almost an hour now and the other roommate just came upstairs to shower before heading off to work. I think it's time for me to go to bed....for three hours. YAY for poor time management skills! GO ME!