Monday, December 27, 2010
Ten Years Later: I'm Antarctica Bound (Kind of)

Remember this post? I think about it all the time. And that's because I think about going to Antarctica all the time. I didn't tell you this, but (surprise!) I'm headed there right now.

Well, kind of. We're stuck, before we even started our journey, because our flight out of the city and country got cancelled. Thanks A LOT, snowstorm in New York! So the Canadian contingent is spending the night in a hotel by the Toronto airport whereas the rest of the international team are somwhere in the world, in the sky, making their way south as best they can, given whatever the weather is. Our flights have luckily been rebooked for tomorrow.

And whereas the rest of the team is in good spirits, I have to admit that I'm fronting my positive exterior because heck! I'm annoyed. I want to be on a plane bound for Chile, then Argentina, then the southern-most city in the world, and NOT in an airport hotel 25 minutes from my apartment. I wanted to fly with a new airline (LAN!) and NOT Air Canada. I wanted two nights in Ushuaia (come on, it's the southern-most city in the world!) and see the city and go hiking and not spend ONE night there or NONE at all!

I know, I know - breathe in, breathe out and calm the heck down. I don't know what's gotten into me - I mean, flights mess up all the time, I travel on a whim all the time and shit happens. But when something has been organized and I've been looking forward to it for, oh, TEN YEARS, I suppose I'm easily irritable.

Anyway - at some point in the next few days, I will be going to Antarctica. Ushuaia was just a bonus city. I'll go there another time. I think I might be taking this "once" in a lifetime business too seriously. If I miss out on something, I'll just have to make sure that I do it again later.