Thursday, June 29, 2006
Perfect Filler

One of the hardest parts about writing on someone else's blog is that you need to come up with something more interesting than a play by play of your office job or a story about that time you fell up the stairs and sprained your wrist. The other day I caught wind of some Backstreet Boys news even though it was probably weeks old by that time. I was obsessed with the BSB when I was younger. When they did their "Never Gone" concert this past summer I jumped up and down excited and wanting to go more than I wanted fresh air or water. I might have maybe freaked out and told Shirley and got her all excited with me and she might have been a little hesitant at first but she came around and had an AMAZING time (because who wouldn't?!).

Anyways, recently it has been announced that Kevin (Shirley's favourite BSB) is leaving the group. I don't even know if Shirley is aware of this tidbit yet, but I figured that this would be the perfect medium for getting it out there. Below is the official statement from Kevin:
After 13 years of what can only be described as a dream come true, I have decided that it is time to leave the Backstreet Boys. It was a very tough decision for me but one that was necessary in order to move on with the next chapter of my life. Howard, Brian, Alex and Nick will always be my little brothers and have my utmost love and support. I would like to thank the Backstreet fans for all the beautiful memories we have shared together and look forward to including you in the next phase of my life. I wish my brothers continued success and look forward to their new album.

Apparently they are in studio recording their next album and have no intentions of replacing Kevin. I am unsure how they will record an album without him and wonder if it will sound complete when finished.

Hey Shirley, want to go to their next concert with me? :)